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Weld County Fish & Wildlife, High Plains Shooting Range Rules
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All Shooters Must Become Thoroughly Familiar With
official Rules, Range Procedures and Range Commands

Weld County Fishing & Wildlife Shooting hours
Weekdays 7:30AM to Sunset; Weekends 8:00AM to Sunset.

Range Officer
The Range Officer in charge of any shooting will strictly enforce all rules. A Range Officer in charge will provide proof of Range Officer Certification to any Club Member who positively identifies himself as a member.

  1.  Always treat all firearms as if they are loaded, keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction, keep your finger off of the trigger until you are ready to shoot, keep the gun unloaded until ready to use, check the gun to be sure that it is unloaded. All barrels should be checked for obstructions before firing.

  2. THE ONLY objects that may be shot at on the range property are removable targets furnished by the member or designated targets furnished for the club. GLASS TARGETS ARE FORBIDDEN. All targets, empty hulls and/or debris must be removed when member is finished.

    a) All bullets must impact the berm.
    b) Only targets constructed of paper, cardboard or other penetrable material are allowed except; plinking or
    steel targets are allowed on the #4 - 100 yard range and North 4 and are to be placed as close to the back
    berm as possible.
    c) No targets will be placed on the ground. NO GROUND TARGETS. Shots are not permitted to impact the    
    range floor.
    d) Shotguns, shot type loads shall only be used on range 4 and North 4.

  4. Actions of uncased firearms should be kept open except when on the firing line, ready to fire. Safely holstered firearms are considered cased. Loaded firearms may not be removed from the firing line or other designated firing areas. Personal Defense handguns are allowed and encouraged at this facility but must remain holstered at all times, unless employed in a self defense situation. No manipulation and/ or handling of personal defense weapons are permitted off of the firing line. These guns may be fired on the firing line, but are then treated like all other firearms. There will be no handling of any firearms when the range is cold. NONE!

  5. Weld County Fish & Wildlife (WCFW) Range Officers, members of WCFW may establish common a firing line forward of benches when all present are in agreement. There SHALL NOT be any loading or unloading of firearms behind the established firing line.

  6. All firearms will be unloaded immediately upon the command "cease fire" regardless of when the command is given.

  7. Eye and ear protection is required at all times on or near the firing line.

  8. All shooting must be done under the supervision of a WCFW Range Officer. All actions will be the responsibility of the Range Officer. The range officer will announce the range is hot or cold and it is their duty to be sure others hear and understand the command.

  9. No firearms may be fired on the Archery Range. All rifle and pistol shooting must be done on berms 1 to 8 and North 1 to North 4.

  10. A pattern board for shotguns is available west of skeet range 1, NO SLUGS are allowed to be
     shot at the patterning board.

  11. All inexperienced shooters should be accompanied by an experienced shooter, and anyone     under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult member.

  12. All vehicles must stay on the roads and designated parking areas, except when under the  supervision of a group supervised event.

  13. No shooting Wildlife on the range property.

  14. Loud and abusive language will not be permitted.

  15. Destroying or damaging club property or dumping personal trash will be grounds for  immediate dismissal from the club.

  16. Absolutely no consumption of alcoholic beverages is permitted on the range property.

  17. All pets must be on a leash; confined in a vehicle or otherwise restrained while on range property, pets are not allowed in buildings on range property. If you bring your pet to the range. It is your responsibility to clean up after it.

  18. Report violations to the grounds keeper, or a WCFW Board Member. All local, state and  federal laws must be followed.