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Board of Directors Election in December


A reminder that your board of directors meet the second Thursday of every month to address the operations of your Weld County Fish and Wildlife organization.  This board works for YOU, the member,  and these meetings are open for any current member to attend.  We discuss improvements, changes, repairs, events and so much more that makes WCFW such a great organization to be a part of.

In December, we will be having our yearly elections.  Half the board is up for re-election every December.  This year we have a few spots that are being vacated by Board Members who are leaving for one reason or another.  These positions will be filled by WCFW members who are interested in running for these open board positions.  Any current member of the range in good standing can run for these positions.  That could be YOU.  If you are interested in running for the Board positions please contact our secretary to get more information and possibly get your name on the ballot.  You would need to come to the December meeting and tell us why you want to run and what you think you can do to help WCFW grow and prosper for its members.  There are mandatory conditions to being on the board and our secretary can explain those in more detail.

COME AND VOTE.  The board is voted into office by current members.  If you want your voice heard, come to the December meeting and cast your vote for the new board positions for the next 2 year term.  The board works for you. Make your vote count.


See you on Thursday December 12th for the Election!