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Latest ‘Safer at Home’ COVID-19 Policy

Governor Jared Polis issued Executive Order D 2020 044 (Safer At Home) on April 26, 2020 which continued Social Distancing Requirements and Stay At Home requirements for Vulnerable Individuals and he extended it with Executive Order D 2020 079 on May 25, 2020.  It also continued the limited reopening of certain institutions and business operations and ordered the Director of the Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) to amend or issue public health orders (PHO) consistent with his Executive Order.  Pursuant to that order, the CDPHE issued the Fourth Amended Public Health Order 20-28 (Safer At Home) on May 26, 2020.  Both Safer At Home orders, Executive Order D 2020 079 and Amended Public Health Order 20-28, remain in effect until June 1, 2020 unless modified or extended by further Executive Order.
On May 6, 2020, the Executive Board Of Directors (EBODs) met and reviewed the WCFW/High Plains’ Shooting Range COVID-19 policy implemented April 26, 2020 which restricted the use of range facilities to individual members only, and cancelled all group events, matches and meetings on the website calendar.  Our current COVID-19 policy resumed Calendar Events on a case by case basis and went into effect on May 8, 2020 and expires today, May 27, 2020.  After careful, reconsideration of the most current PHOs the WCFW EBODs have amended the previous COVID-19 policy for all members and guests and now approves all calendar events with the following requirements:
1)  All persons utilizing range facilities must have a non-medical cloth face covering that covers the nose and mouth in their possession.  Face coverings must be worn when sharing a range berm or field with other members and while participating in a group event interacting with other members or competitors.  They are not required while using range facilities if you are isolated by yourself or if you are with family members isolated by themselves.
2)  Limit social interaction to the greatest extent possible except as required to conduct Necessary Activities, such as Range Officer duties.
3)  Prohibit gatherings of more that (10) persons in public spaces and practice social distancing by maintaining 6 feet between participants.  When multiple ranges, berms, or fields are in use for an event no more than (10) persons can be on each range, berm, or field at one time, and when movement between ranges, berms, or fields is required those groups must not interact with other groups and must maintain social distancing at all times.
4)  Ensure that closure of unnecessary common areas, cleaning protocols, and mandatory social distancing requirements are followed at all times.
Additionally, consistent with these requirements, the EBODs have also decided to further amend the current policy and allow all calendar events to be conducted provided they comply with the aforementioned Executive and Public Health Orders and their requirements and the following additional guidelines:
1)  Group practice sessions are permitted provided the group does not exceed 10 participants per range, berm, or field.  Individual members, and the group, must comply with Social Distancing Requirements (face coverings, 6 feet separation, and avoid contact among participants) at all times.  No mingling of groups among adjacent ranges, berms, or fields.
2)  The clubhouse and pistol classroom will open for scheduled events only.
3)  All portable toilet facilities will open immediately to support increased membership and group activity.
4)  Group events, matches, and meetings that are scheduled on the WCFW website calendar are the only activities authorized by the EBODs.
5)  Responsibility for total compliance of all COVID-19 policy requirements and guidelines rests with Discipline Directors, Match Directors, and event coordinators.
6)  Non compliance of these amended requirements and guidelines will result in event termination and/or range closure.
We anticipate another update to the Governor’s Executive Order and Colorado Department Of Public Health & Environment Order on June 1, 2020.  Hopefully, more relaxed guidelines and fewer restrictions will be forthcoming at that time for that policy review.


The Club is proud to announce a significant upgrade to our Skeet Fields.  The four ancient clay target machines have been replaced with brand new equipment, and the buildings housing the equipment have been re-built and painted, along with the fencing.  Everything looks great, works great, and we have one of the very nicest skeet facilities in the state.  A big shout-out of thanks goes to Pat Miller, Dave Benson, Bill Mason, Jan Schuenemeyer, and Mike and Bob Englund for their very hard work in getting this big project completed.
Not nearly enough of our members take advantage of this fun shotgun sport.  Come on over and give it a try.  A round of skeet costs just $5 for 25 targets.  All you need is a shotgun, some ammo, and a desire to enjoy yourself.  In addition to monthly sanctioned competition, skeet practice is held every Saturday.  There are always experienced shooters there who are happy to help with tips or basic instruction.  Lessons can be arranged if you’re interested.  Click on the Skeet tab for more information.  Man should not live by pistols alone!

Events approved for June

The following events have been approved by the Board of Directors for the month of June and will take place as scheduled provided compliance with our Safer at Home COVID-19 policies can be maintained.

  • Registered Skeet Match on June 7
  • BOD Meeting on June 11
  • Steel Challenge BONUS Match on June 13

  • Military Rifle on June 14
  • USPSA Monthly match on June 21
  • Monthly 3 Gun Match on June 27
  • Monthly ICORE Match on June 28
  • Highpower Fun Shoot on June 28

Range Safety Rules UPDATED

Your Board of Directors are always looking to make WCFW a safe environment for all our members, guests and event participants.  As a result, we have spent many hours with a team to look at any recent safety violations and concerns on the range.  The BOD accepted and put into law these updated Range Safety Rules at the December meeting.  We hope that they are easier to understand and abide by so that all of us can remain safe on the range no matter what we are doing.  Remember, it’s ultimately up to YOU as a member to ensure the safe operation of firearms wherever you are on the range.   Click on the link in this post or visit the RESOURCES page to explore all the PDF documents related to range safety and more. Remember the 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety even when off the range no matter where you are.


USPSA 12/15 Canceled

From your Weld County Practical Shooters President.

The weather forecast for Galeton looks a bit rough this Sunday, so there will be no WCPS match for December. We’ll try again In January.

I hope all of you out there enjoy the coming holidays and get to spend them with the people you care about.

-Pat Jones