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All Events Cancelled through April 11 2020 due to COVID-19

Due to the current public health orders regarding COVID-19 ALL sanctioned matches and group events at the range are cancelled through April 11th, 2020. Please contact event organizers regarding specific events.
The range will still be open to members during this time for their personal use however some additional guidelines have been added as follows.
On March 26, 2020 Vice President Rigo Neira announced via email the Executive Board of Director’s decision to cancel all scheduled Discipline events and group practices through April 11, 2020 in accordance with the Department of Public Health & Environment Order 20-24 dated March 25, 2020.  Pertinent information from that email was also posted on the WCFW website informing all members of the cancellation of scheduled events for that period, but allowing membership use of range facilities to continue as long as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Social Distancing Requirements are adhered to.  Additionally, to ensure the Executive BOD’s decision was in compliance with the intent of PHO 20-24 by allowing individual membership continued range use, the Weld County Department of Public Health & Environment COVID-19 Hotline was contacted on March 26, 2020 and informed of our decision.  As long as strict compliance of Social Distancing Requirements (SDR) were followed, they were in agreement with the Board’s decision.
To that end, the following additional guidelines and clarification are provided:
1)  Group practice sessions are not authorized.  Use of individual ranges or shotgun fields must comply with SDR’s.
2)  The clubhouse and pistol classroom are closed for use to keep cleaning and sanitizing requirements to a minimum. 
3)  All portable toilet facilities are closed.
4)  Indoor restroom facilities located in the clubhouse, benchrest rifle range, and pistol classroom will remain open for use with increased daily cleaning and sanitizing.
5)  Non compliance of the SDR’s will require range closure. 
The current criteria from the CO DPH&E and the CDC COVID-19 Social Distancing Requirements are subject to change and will require continuous monitoring to ensure WCFW stays in compliance.

February Steel Match Canceled


Once again, we are not able to have our scheduled Steel Challenge Match on Saturday, February 1, 2020, as the North pistol ranges are still covered with some snow, standing water, and lots of mud. We just aren’t getting the consistent warm temperatures to make much of a difference on that side of the range at this time. However, we did shoot our USPSA match this last month as we only use the South pistol ranges for those matches and they dryout quicker with better direct sunlight. Perhaps, we will luck out again for the February 16, 2020 USPSA match next month? Stay warm and dry!


Pat Miller
Weld County Practical Shooters

January Steel Challenge CANCELED

Happy New Year To All!  We have lots of snow still lingering on all of our North pistol ranges and several of the South ranges.  The wind has caused many snow drifts to form, 18 inches and more in some places.  This week’s forecasted temps will be in the 30’s with moderate wind which will slow the melting and drying out process for several days/weeks to come.  Therefore, we are cancelling our monthly Steel Challenge match scheduled for January 4, 2020.  Hopefully, the range conditions will improve to allow us to hold our monthly USPSA match scheduled for January 19, 2020.  See you next year!
Pat Miller
Weld County Practical Shooters

Range Safety Rules UPDATED

Your Board of Directors are always looking to make WCFW a safe environment for all our members, guests and event participants.  As a result, we have spent many hours with a team to look at any recent safety violations and concerns on the range.  The BOD accepted and put into law these updated Range Safety Rules at the December meeting.  We hope that they are easier to understand and abide by so that all of us can remain safe on the range no matter what we are doing.  Remember, it’s ultimately up to YOU as a member to ensure the safe operation of firearms wherever you are on the range.   Click on the link in this post or visit the RESOURCES page to explore all the PDF documents related to range safety and more. Remember the 4 Cardinal Rules of Gun Safety even when off the range no matter where you are.


USPSA 12/15 Canceled

From your Weld County Practical Shooters President.

The weather forecast for Galeton looks a bit rough this Sunday, so there will be no WCPS match for December. We’ll try again In January.

I hope all of you out there enjoy the coming holidays and get to spend them with the people you care about.

-Pat Jones