Membership Information & Rules

The 2020 Membership Renewal period is October 1st – November 15th and your renewal must be postmarked no later than November 15th.   A signed Waiver is required on an annual basis and needs to be mailed with your renewal or the terms accepted here on our website.   If you would like to renew or buy your NRA Membership at the same time you can do that as well.  WCFW gets support from the NRA when you renew/buy through us.

Late or incomplete renewals may be returned. New membership availability is based on openings created when members don’t renew.  Don’t lose your membership due to incomplete or late renewals.

An annual membership is a family membership and includes spouse and children under 18 residing with the annual member.  The annual member must always accompany family members and be with them when on any firing line.  Any member may escort up to 2 guests to the range for 2 visits each, per year. Further trips will require them to purchase their own memberships.

An associate membership is available for the spouse of an annual member. Spouses wishing to become associate members must attend the orientation and safety class.  Associates pay a one-time fee, receive a gate card and have full access to the range.


Annual renewal  is $160
Associate one-time fee is $25
New members fees are a $100 initiation fee and $160 annual fee the 1st year
Replacement card  is $25

New Members !!

New member applications are accepted year long.  New members are contacted in December with schedules for the safety and orientation classes held annually in January.

You may download an  Application  print it out and send it in for consideration for the 2021 membership year.

Online Membership Renewal

We currently are in the process of developing online renewals through our website.  While we move forward with this process we ask that you proceed with your renewal as you have in the past, through the mail.  If you have any questions please direct them to our membership director.

Membership Director Contact Information                    WCFW Membership Mailing address
Membership Director & NRA Recruiter                                  3620 W 10th St Ste B, Box 133
Dann Winters                                                                                   Greeley, CO 80634-1800
Tel No.: 970-567-3470